Pink Floyd On The Turning Away Solo Dsot Version Video

Pink Floyd On The Turning Away Live - 23rd August 1988 Dsot Show .wmv
Pink Floyd Live Nassau Coliseum 23rd August 1988 The actual recording date they used for the Delicate Sound Of Thunder VHS and Live Album This is an audience

Pink Floyd - On The Turning Away Solo, Dsot Version
Fender CS69 pickups Absolutely Analog Green Russian Big Muff Boss BD 2 mod Boss CE 2 EH Deluxe Memory Man Marshall 5210

On The Turning Away Pink Floyd Solo Cover (dsot Version)
Fender Stratocaster with EMG DG20 Boss CS3 Boss SD1 EH Big Muff Boss GE7 Boss OD 3 Boss DD7 Boss CE2 Boss RV5 Marshall JCM800 sor

Pink Floyd - On The Turning Away - Dsot (solo Cover)
Me Playing Pink Floyd On The Turning Away Solo Cover Delicate Sound Of Thunder

Pink Floyd On The Turning Away Solo Cover - Dsot
This solo is based on Delicate Sound of Thunder CD

Pink Floyd - On The Turning Away Solo Cover (hd)
A cover improvisation of the Pink Floyd song On the Turning Away solo As performed by Dustin Smith May 30 2012 Gear 86 American Fender Stratocaster EM

Pink Floyd - On The Turning Away Solo
My rendition of this classic solo Since this seems to be my most popular I just wanted to say thanks for all of the very kind comments everyone has p

Pink Floyd " On The Turning Away " Italiano Hd
Il brano e una lunga ballata dove gli strumenti entrano uno dopo l altro prima il tappeto di tastiere poi la voce di Gilmour e a seguire gli altri in un c

Pink Floyd - On The Turning Away (dsot) Solo Cover [hd]
From the album Delicate Sound of Thunder On the turning away solo

Pink Floyd On The Turning Away Pale Blue Dot W
music is by Pink Floyd I do not own this the Carl Sagan quotes are from the book Pale Blue Dot I claim no ownership Just a fan of the author and the ba

Pink Floyd - On The Turning Away Solo
Finaly something new This is a cover of a Gilmours solo On the Turning away from a Delicate Sounds of Thunder CD It is played by ear so there a some mis

Pink Floyd "on The Turning Away" (cover)
Me playing along with a backing track of On the turning away by Pink Floyd I m not sure what I think of this take there a couple good points but others I

On The Turning Away By Pink Floyd
From Wikipedia On the Turning Away is a song from Pink Floyd s 1987 album A Momentary Lapse of Reason A live performance of the song was featured on bot

Pink Floyd - On The Turning Away - Solo Cover!
On the turning awaayy from the pale and downtrodden

Francesco Pandolfo "on The Turning Away Solo" Pink Floyd
Francesco Pandolfo On The Turning Away Solo Pink Floyd Played with Fender Stratocaster Reissue 57 Candy Apple Red Single coil Emg Sa

"on The Turning Away" By Pink Floyd
On the Turning Away by Pink Floyd From A Momentary Lapse of Reason 1987 No copyright infringement intended

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