Oromo Umar Suleeyman Geerarsa And More Of His Classics From Opride Video

Oromo Party: Umar Suleyman Geerarsa Oromoo....opride Production
Umer Suleyman performing his classic hits One of the best ist and one of the most influential Oromo singer Long live Umar More will be uploaded

Asheeta Oromo Music - Umar Suleyman
I tried to my best I may not have got the but all I got sorry Dhiifama jechi gariin naaf galuu didde waan naaf galu qofa godhe

Oromo Liberation Army (ola) Continued Its Attack Nov.28 2010
OLF News November 25 2010 The heroic Oromo Liberation Army OLA freedom fighters operating in Eastern Oromia have killed 37 TPLF led Ethiopian troops wh

Geerarsa Wallaggaa

Oromo Music
Oromo Music Umar Suleyman Mootiin Mootii irra jira

Osoo Jirru (geerarsa) Kadir Sa'id
Geerarsa Kadiir Sa id Dhaggeeyfadhaa

Opride: Gootota Oromo Short Poem
opride Gootota Oromoo Short Poem

Hidhaaf Ajjeechaan,,,
It is not only what we do but also what we do not do for which we are accountable Moliere The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by th

Oromo Cultural Show1
Ayyaana guyya gootota Ebla 18 2010 Oromo Matryed memorial day

Oromo Music Ali Birra. Song # 7 The 80s . Audio Music Only.
Oromo Music by Dr Ali Birra Best Collection of 80 s