Ali Haq Da Imam By Abida Parveen Video

Ya Ali .....ali Haq Da Imam.....ya Ali
Song with Dhamal Abida Parveen Dedicated to Mola ALI The lion of Allah subhan watala enjoy and dont forget rate it PLZ By Tableegy Saabry

Nade Ali - Qawwali By Begum Abida Parveen.
A very rare and a beutiful Manqebat which is sure to bring a smile on your face Its about Moula Mushkil Kusha Ali ibne Abi Talib AS From the collection of

Ya Ali - Abida Parveen Live
The last Magnificent Supreme Sufiyana Kalaam of this beautiful mehfil known as Mehfil e Mauseeqi presented by the Everlasting Abida Parveen Enjoy

Ya Ali Khub Mijalis - Golden Jubilee Program
Guinan for Mawlana Hazar Imam by Abida Parveen